Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Late Christmas Recap

Over a month later, it's probably long past time to recap Christmas, but it's better to do it now than let more time slip by.

In December I helped Aric's class on two separate occasions.  The first was with gingerbread houses.  The kids had a great time creating their own.  Aric was slightly heartbroken that we wouldn't let him eat his house when he brought it home a week later.  After spending a week in the library for all of the school to see, and becoming as hard as a rock, there was no way we would allow anyone to eat it.

The second time I heled Aric's class was with their Christmas party.  It was slightly crazy with 19 kids on a sugar and Christmas high, but it's fun to witness Aric interact with his classmates. 

The weekend before Christmas we took a family excursion to a local church to watch their live music light show.  It was neat to watch minus the two crabby children who wanted to view something more exciting.

Christmas snuck up on me.  I was busy the majority of the month working on Etsy orders and Christmas gifts.  That meant that decorating our house, baking cookies, and wrapping presents was all last minute.

 We still made Christmas exciting for the kids despite the craziness.

We enjoyed having Aric on break and home with us.  It was fun to have him around, and if truth be told, I enjoyed not having to pack lunches everyday and run him to school.

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